What We Do

The World’s Finest Coffees
Pass Through Carrboro

Carrboro Coffee Roasters is a premier small batch artisan roaster that has drawn international attention. Our success lies in an unwavering commitment to sourcing the finest coffee through our Farmer Direct Relationship program at origin, expertly roasting these beans, and delivering a premium product to wholesale accounts and coffee lovers throughout North Carolina and beyond. We are equally dedicated to coffee education and training to ensure the best cup is brewed, and serve our award-winning coffee at two flagship shops, Open Eye Café in Carrboro and Caffe Driade in Chapel Hill as well as many fine cafes, restaurants and retailers throughout the region and beyond.

President Scott Conary consults for companies, restaurants, and cafes regionally and around the world and, since 2003, has served as a Certified Judge for coffee competitions, including as Head Judge for the World Barista Championship. Conary is a World Coffee Events (WCE) International Representative, and works for the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) as a Head Judge for their Cup of Excellence program (COE).

We Go Around The World In Search Of Incredible Coffees

Carrboro Coffee Roasters is a local business with a worldwide reach that is committed to community. This is seen in our dedication to personally building sustainable, direct relationships with coffee farmers, and their communities and sharing those relationships back home. In this way Carrboro Coffee Roasters works within and gives back to Chapel Hill / Carrboro, the Triangle and beyond. This broad sense of community directly connects us to the crop in the same way farmers markets and farm-to-table restaurants do. In the process, we are providing a better product and a better life for coffee growing farmers.

Carrboro Coffee’s Direct Relationship Coffees are sourced with these ideals in mind, and are the result of Scott Conary’s frequent visits to origin. In addition to finding the best tasting highest quality coffees in the world, we are careful to select coffee that is grown and processed humanely and sustainably, and allows the farmers the means to live decently.

Bringing Out The Best In Each Bean

Carrboro Coffee Roasters is equally dedicated to the art and the science of roasting our carefully sourced beans. Each roast is individually tailored to the specific needs of the coffee, and the best roast profile is constantly adapted to deliver the finest cup. By letting the coffee dictate the roast, we avoid a standard ‘style’ or roast degree. Every coffee is different and must be respected for its unique characteristics. This is done out of respect for the farmer and a responsibility to the customer. To act on behalf of the coffee is to ensure that all of its intrinsic glory can be realized in the cup.