Become a Carrboro Coffee Partner!

We personally source green coffee from around the world and, with care and passion, find the perfect roast level that brings out the finest qualities for each individual coffee… one small batch at a time, on a daily basis. Your coffee gets to you one to two days from roast date, ensuring freshness unparalleled, by roasters with over 35 years of experience! We can work with you to develop your own signature or house blend, or setup a rotating coffee program.


All orders for the week should be made by the Sunday / Monday of that week, for Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday delivery (with Friday as a backup delivery day). We will contact you on Monday of that week if we have not heard from you.


The preferred method is to email your order via Orders@carrborocoffee.com. You may also call Carrboro Coffee Roasters at (919) 968-4760. You can leave your order on the answering machine; simply speak slowly and clearly, leaving location info, time & date along with your order.


Equipment or other coffee emergencies can be directed to info@carrborocoffee.com. We will get back to you ASAP!