Antonio & Anabella Meneses

Antonio & Anabella Meneses

These 4th generation farmer siblings have taken a family farm and just keep making it better, every harvest! I had the opportunity to meet with them in 2007 and see for myself how they care for their land and how they have respect for everything that makes the coffee grown here so great! Antonio works on the business and marketing end, connecting all the work done on the farm to folks like us who appreciates the dedication and innovation they are moving froward with.

They are not shy when it comes to finding what varietals work best or may grow to be unique flavor profiles.

Besides the different varieties of coffee currently growing, they have also created a nursery and varietal garden, with dozens of wild and cultured varieties of coffee to test and compare. Along with this they are now seasoned experimenters with many different forms of processing for the coffee, often using bio-dynamic methods, that result in amazing and unique flavor profiles, often from the same variety of coffee!

Their current experiments with Honey & Natural process, as well as the Geisha varietal, has been earning them many awards and recognition.

Our decade plus relationship has meant we have been able to support these many projects and share the literal fruit of them with you! Keep an eye out for exclusive, one of a kind experiments that we have collaborated on with them to offer our community, and continue to drive the innovation of the industry forward! We are also honored to help them support the community around them, as they do in so many ways; including the Las Nubes Day Care, that is located on their property. This is a facility that cares for the communities children whose families either cannot afford to care for properly or are working to do so and need the help offered by this school.