2022 Winter Solstice Blend Now Available!

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As the weather cools & the leaves fall, we look forward to sharing the comfort that is our Winter Solstice Blend. With a label that changes annually, in an effort to reflect the changing feel of each year, so too does the coffee change to highlight different relationships we have forged over the decades of working personally with producers.

For many, the last weeks of the year are a time to reflect & connect with loved ones. The Solstice is a perfect time, and this is a perfect coffee, to do just that. Share a cup with friends and loved ones, send a bag to those too far away to visit, and take a moment to appreciate the many wonders of our world, all condensed down in the seasonal flavors found in this year’s blend!

This blend represents the flavors of the season with cherry, apple, and other ripe red fruits, which are balanced by delightful chocolate & caramel sweetness & a baking spice finish.

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