Announcing the CCR Roastery Collections Series!

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We are thrilled to announce our new Roastery Collections Series!

These boxed collections are our way to highlight some of the phenomenal high quality work our producer-partners are doing on their farms around the world. Often these are small volume efforts, so we thought it would be great to offer these limited harvests in a way that highlights the special effort involved, and how they are part of our mission to move our industry forward through innovation, equity, quality & best practice.

Every collection will have a theme surrounding the amazing taste experience. In the first collection we will be featuring the Power of Process: How the intricate details of coffee processing can effect the way we experience a coffee.

From our partner in Dipilto, Nicaruaga, Luis Alberto Balladarez and his farm & mill Un Regalo de Dios;  we feature a Pacamara coffee varietal processed 3 different ways, to compare the impact this process has on what you will experience.

Each 4oz bag comes as whole bean – Order HERE

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