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Holiday Bazaar

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Get into the holiday spirit with the Holiday Bazaar on Sunday, December 3rd from 12-5pm! Located at the 140 West Franklin Street Plaza in Downtown Chapel Hill, there will be handmade crafts and creations from local makers, and of course food and drink! Carrboro Coffee will be providing coffee, so make sure to come stop by!

Check out the event here


New Direct Relationship Coffee

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Carrboro Coffee Roasters, has announced a new Direct Relationship with coffee farmer Nancy Hernandez.

Hernandez’s Coffee ‘Finca El Jazmin’ is grown on her farm in Marcala, Honduras, and is available by the cup at Open Eye Café and Caffe Driade, and retail locations. This new Direct Relationship coffee adds to Carrboro Coffee’s impressive list of Direct Relationship coffees.

The Direct Relationship coffee fosters personal relationships between coffee growers and Carrboro Coffee Roasters. Through frequent visits, the farm and farming practices are personally known and the farmer’s crop is purchased and sent to Carrboro Coffee Roasters where it is roasted, ground and served to customers. This Direct Relationship removes the middle-man and ensures coffee farmers are fairly compensated for all their hard work.

“While we have many more examples of our hard-earned Farmer Direct Relationship coffees available, says Carrboro Coffee owner Scott Conary, “this one has an amazing, full-circle quality that really epitomizes our mission statement of economic development for producers, as well as all the years of effort, travel, and actual blood, sweat & tears invested in what we lovingly call ‘work’.”

Over 10 years ago Conary sponsored Hernandez’s trip to the United States to train at Carrboro Coffee Roasters in coffee roasting, espresso preparation and coffee brewing.

Since she visited, Hernandez has opened 3 coffee shops in her home country, Honduras, and continues to grow and sell the highest quality coffee from her farm to select roasters around the world.

“For us this started as an investment with a young Nancy, and now extends to her daughter, family and community at large,” said owner Conary. “Our tagline is ‘Coffee Unites the World’ and we strive every day to make that true.”

Hernandez’s coffee is amazingly balanced with tropical fruit sweetness and lovely floral brown sugar qualities. Carefully grown and processed, this high quality coffee’s flavor is teased out with expert roasting by Carrboro Coffee.

Finca El Jazmin is now available at Open Eye Café and Caffe Driade.

Join Us at the NC Botanical Garden

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Join us on Saturday, October 28th at the North Carolina Botanical Garden for Coffee Unites the World: How Your Morning Cup of Coffee Affects Birds, Economics, and the land.

We’ll follow two experts as they discuss how farming and processing affect wildlife, the environment, and the communities involved; as well as enjoy a tasting of Carrboro Coffee Roasters Direct Relationship coffees!

Click here for tickets.

No Quarter Stout is BACK!

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The No Quarter Coffee Stout is back! Our friends at Steel Sting Brewery brew this every year with our cold pressed Guatemalen La Providencia coffee. It’s an 8.0% coffee and oatmeal stout that features an intense coffee aroma and flavor, with a finish of semi-sweet cocoa. This batch has an additional infusion of our Ethiopia ARDI for floral and berry notes.

Don’t miss its return to the Tap Room for the colder months, and keep an eye out for bottles!

Carrboro Coffee Roasters Announces NITRObrew Coffee

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This past weekend, Carrboro Coffee Roasters installed a keg and tap into Open Eye Cafe to serve both their cold-brew & the first NITRObrew coffee in Carrboro, available to the public Tuesday, September 5th.

‘NITRO brew’ or Nitrogen infused coffee is cold-brewed and stored in a pressurized keg. The coffee infused with Nitrogen as it is poured from the tap, a bit like draft beer. The Nitro coffee brew process is comparable to stouts and porters that also may use Nitrogen, which produces a creamy body and cascading effect.

Carrboro Coffee’s NITRObrew coffee is silky smooth and creamy, with a velvety finish that enhances the character of the specific coffee used. It is traditionally served with no additives to appreciate the unique texture and flavors, and in smaller volumes as it is a concentrated beverage.

“After many months of effort, we are particularly excited to introduce our NITRObrew, a truly unique nitrogen and coffee combo working together to bring you smoother, silkier coffee with a luscious creaminess,” says Carrboro Coffee Roasters owner Scott Conary. “The distinct flavor of each coffee from our Farmer Direct Relationships is pronounced, and there is a much more complex aroma and flavor gained through the micro-bubbles in each sip. The nitrogen and the live pour ensures the sweetest and smoothest nitro coffee you have ever tasted. We guarantee you have never had Nitro coffee this sweet and unique before.”

Carrboro Coffee’s NITRObrew is currently available at Open Eye Cafe Monday-Thursday 7am-11pm, Friday & Saturday 7am- Midnight and Sunday 8am-11pm at 101 S. Greensboro Street in Downtown Carrboro. The roaster plans to offer NITRObrew in additional cafes in the coming year.

New Espresso Lip Balm with Lo & Behold!

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Our new collaboration with Durham-based handmade body care company, Lo & Behold, is now on the shelves! We rolled out an all-natural espresso lip balm – created by infusing freshly ground Carrboro Coffee Roasters coffee in coconut oil and other natural moisturizers. You’ll be able to find this small batch lip balm wherever Lo & Behold products are carried as well as at Open Eye Cafe.

Join us for Cupping at the Roastery

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Carrboro Coffee Roasters will be hosting a cupping of selected 2017 Honduras Cup of Excellence winners on Friday, June 9, 2017 from 11pm to 2pm at our Training Room at the Roastery!

Coffee professionals, roasters, buyers, & the interested public are all invited to join us in Carrboro and cup the coffees that were chosen by the International Jury at the recent COE competition in Honduras. By focusing on a select group of winners, we will allow time for analysis of the coffees and discussion, while highlighting the diversity of profiles in Honduras.

Space will be limited, so please send an email to to RSVP ASAP to reserve a spot. Please email, as we want to plan for the right number of participants!

If you cannot participate in the cupping this week, we will be also cupping the Costa Rica COE samples on June 23rd.

Look forward to seeing you.

ACLU Promotion at Open Eye and Driade

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While things are as busy as ever here locally at Carrboro Coffee, we’d like to take this time to direct your attention towards something more universal.

We pride ourselves on being a globally-conscious company, but rarely a very political one, opting to instead focus on people and communities. We would love to spend our days thinking only on sourcing high-quality coffees and the direct relationships we build with individuals and families in the process. Simply put, we would love to “stick to coffee”, knowing full well this still carries a world-wide impact.

But the place we find ourselves recently, as a country, has motivated us think more frequently beyond our normal activities – global as they already are.

Carrboro Coffee Roasters has been given the opportunity to stand with Sprudge and our fellow coffee professionals in a way that promotes equality & civil liberties for all, as we value in our country.  Therefore, we’re excited to announce that both Open Eye Cafe and Caffe Driade will be donating a percentage of profits to the ACLU from February 3-5. We invite you to support this group, who works so hard on the behalf of all Americans, and visit one of our cafes to assist in this nationwide fundraiser.

This is a great example of why we coined the phrase – Coffee unites the world!