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CCR Kicks Off Their Client Support Program with Partners at Kitchen Restaurant in Chapel Hill

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We are thrilled to be kicking off our new Client Support Program by donating 15% of proceeds from all Kitchen Blend retail bag sales to support KITCHEN Chapel Hill operations.

From September 3rd – September 20th you can show your support for Kitchen and enjoy delicious and unique coffee when you purchase these retail bags from our partners at KITCHEN Chapel Hill and Open Eye Cafe, or at

Delicious coffee *and* sustainable community support – is there anything better?

Carrboro Coffee Honored as a Finalist for Mid-Size Business of the Year Award

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This July, The Chamber For a Greater Chapel Hill-Carrboro hosted the 2020 Business Excellence Awards at a unique online ceremony.

Carrboro Coffee Roasters was honored to be selected as a Finalist alongside respected and loved businesses, Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe & Flyleaf Books. Vimala ultimately won the category and we applaud her & her teams success as a client and partner of Carrboro Coffee!

23 finalists were honored and 10 winners were presented awards live, with the help of the Carolina Athletics Event Management team.

“This pandemic has been tough for all of us, but even in very difficult times, we must take time to celebrate successes,” said Aaron Nelson, President and CEO of The Chamber For a Greater Chapel Hill Carrboro. “And so for this hour, we will celebrate our community’s best businesses and leaders.”

The Finalists & Award Winners nominated, followed by an application process, & then were selected by The Chamber’s Awards Selection Committee which was made up of local business and community leaders from diverse industries with a demonstrated commitment to our community.

The Committee, chaired by Camille Berry of the Community Home Trust, reviewed detailed pages of nominations from 90 nominees, selected three consensus finalists in each category, and then voted by secret ballot on the winners.

We want to congratulate all of the finalist and winners and thank the Chamber and everyone involved in promoting our local businesses.

The Mid-Size Business of the Year is presented to an outstanding Chamber member that has shown growth, innovation of product, exemplary customer service, response to adversity, and contribution to the community.

How to Help Farmers, Our Employees & Our Business

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There is so much going on around us and yet the towns seem eerily quiet….such a strange time …

There are a few meaningful ways you can help us, our employees & our farmer partners around the world:

Visit our online shop & order coffee, brewing equipment, gift cards and more!  We ship anywhere in the U.S., and you can get it right to your door without ever leaving your home!  Don’t need coffee yet? Send some to friends and family that do!

          – You can even subscribe to monthly coffee deliveries ( or give a subscription as a gift) and not have to worry if you remembered to order coffee!

                  – With all the amazing swag online you can support our locally owned businesses by giving gifts to friends and family for any   occasion.

Support our wholesale clients as they too, work through the various ways they can stay in business, and still bring a spark of joy to your day, with amazing food, coffee & more. We will be posting updates for those still operating, and how you can support them. Our complete client list can be found here:

– If, like us, you are worried about the economic survival of all the local restaurants and retail shops that make our community a better place, please keep spreading the word on all the ways you can support, without even leaving home.

                      – Maybe you or someone you know can take a moment to post to social media, write an article, or interview us or our clients to help spread the word.

– Open Eye Cafe is setup to take orders over the phone for curbside pickup, so you never have to leave your car – or just order take away from the Cafe like normal ( keeping appropriate spatial distance and touch-free).

                -The online gift cards will support our Flagship Cafe’s – Open Eye Cafe & Caffe Driade, and the employees who work so hard every day, 364 days a year to brighten your day with amazing beverages.

CCR President Speaks to Ron Stutts on WCHL

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Thanks to Ron Stutts at WCHL and & Orange County Visitors Bureau for a conversation on the air today about our business, and all of our fellow businesses, and what we are all trying to do to keep on, keeping on!

Coffee Unites the World, and can connect communities to support each other.

you can hear the 10 min interview here:


COVID-19 and How to Stay Safe…

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Coffee friends,

We know that the COVID-19 outbreak has affected many of you already, while others wait to know what the full impact will be. These are uncertain times for everyone in the specialty coffee community & beyond.

I’m writing to let you know that our commitment remains. We continue to do everything possible to provide you with the best coffees, and to support our partners at origin, especially those harvesting, processing and shipping coffees right now.

While there can be a lot of uncertainty and anxiety surrounding the situation. we want to remind you that we are here to support you through this the best we can. CCR is adhering to all official recommendations and taking additional steps to ensure our team is healthy and able to continue their work.

We continue to plan our green coffee buying, which is a based on a fixed seasonal cycle.  We are working to ensure we can fulfill your needs throughout the year, and we are also thinking about our producers who need our support.

Public health is extremely important to us, as well as that of all of the business owners, managers, staff and customers we work with, & It is our duty to help ensure the public safety of our customers and staff.  In that regard, below is what we at CCR are doing to keep everyone safe, & some helpful information to make your space, and the people in it, safer.

– We are encouraging all of employees to work from home whenever possible.
– We require that all employees who exhibit signs of respiratory illness, fever, or cough to stay at home.
– We are supplying all of our employees with disinfectant & hand sanitizer to be used frequently throughout the day.
– We are also mandating thorough hand washing, and encouraging/reminding all employees to avoid touching their faces.
– We will not be holding any in-person company meetings, gatherings, or training exercises until the epidemic has subsided.
– We plan to take particular care when delivering/working in businesses, and strongly encourage all of our customers to notify us if they have any specific needs or requests related to any scheduled appointments or service calls, if these prove necessary at this time.
– We are diligent in sanitizing every touchable surface at our operations: door knob/handle and washing our hands and/or using gloves    constantly.
– All employee international travel is suspended at least until April 12.
– We are not receiving any visitors to our offices for other than pickup. We are not conducting any public cuppings, nor group staff cuppings. This includes our Public Workshops that are currently suspended.
– CCR employees are full-time and have the benefit of health care access through our company. Employees will have our full support during this difficult situation.

Remember to wash hands frequently, avoid touching the face, and practice good general hygiene. Customers and staff may be able to continue to operate and navigate safely with these simple measures implemented, including creating the Spatial Distancing to diminish potential contact between customers.

Specialty coffee relies on a global network of passionate professionals and we know that if we work together, we will be stronger as a community.

Remember, the best way to deal with this situation is to follow real, verifiable science and the CDC. There is a lot of misinformation out there right now. Stay diligent, healthy, support local businesses, and stay caffeinated.

Wash Your Hands Often

Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth

Follow Good Respiratory Hygiene

Please cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or a tissue when you cough or sneeze.

Clean Phones, Etc.

Use alcohol wipes (60% or higher) to wipe down common use items, often handled directly with your hands.

Follow Social/Spatial Distancing

Keep a minimum of 6 feet of distance between individuals to mitigate potential transmission

Workshops and classes Postponed

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A Message from Carrboro Coffee Roasters:

At this time we have taken steps to limit group gatherings to follow current social/spatial distancing recommendations in light of the COVID-19 virus outbreak, as defined by the CDC.

To this end, we will be postponing all workshops and classes. When a new date is announced you will have the option to attend this same workshop on the rescheduled date, or you can transfer your attendance to another workshop of your choice.

Simply email us at to let us know your preference when the time comes, and we will handle the registration and confirmation for you.

Stay safe!

WCHL – ChapelBoro Interview with Scott Conary, Owner at Open Eye Café, Caffe Driade, and Carrboro Coffee Roasters

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WCHL – ChapelBoro Interview!

This is Tourism | March 1, 2018

Scott Conary, Owner at Open Eye Café, Caffe Driade, and Carrboro Coffee Roasters

This is Tourism: Coffee Roaster Scott

Opening talking points: WCHL –

And now it’s time for our weekly feature, This is Tourism, produced in partnership with the Orange County Visitors Bureau. This morning I’m joined by Scott Conary. He’s the owner of well known and frequented local establishments Caffe Driade, Open Eye Café, and Carrboro Coffee Roasters. His coffee is enjoyed in nearly 100 retail, restaurant and café locations from the coast to the mountains of North Carolina, and 41 of them are right here in Orange County. Scott is a hard man to pin down! He’s all over the map, consulting restaurants, meeting farmers to source the best coffee beans in the world, and judging international barista competitions. Thank you for being here with us!