CCR Goldenbelt Pop-Up Winds Down

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After an incredible year and a half, the Carrboro Coffee Roasters’ Pop-Up Coffee Bar at Goldenbelt in Downtown Durham is winding down, with plans to close at the end of December.

The Pop-Up Coffee Bar, a unique combination of Cafe/training space, has served as a launchpad for Specialty Coffee educational outreach across the Triangle, paving the way for Carrboro Coffee Roasters to work with Durham clients & community, and introduce quality, Farmer Direct Relationship coffees to normally neglected business and retail environments.

Through these efforts Carrboro Coffee Roasters is now providing coffee to a number of non-traditional clients, including Burt’s Bees and MetLife.

We’re pleased to have brought our commitment to coffee education and direct relationships at origin to a new audience at Goldenbelt and beyond, and look forward to popping up at another location in the new year to continue the effort!

Meanwhile to continue enjoying these unique coffees in the Triangle and beyond, you can find a complete listing of Carrboro Coffee Roasters Clients here:

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