Featured Coffee by Producer-Partner Edith Meza Sagarvinaga from Finca Tasta, Peru

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Meet Edith Meza Sagarvinaga, the farmer behind our current featured coffee, Finca Tasta Honey Caturra, Lactic Fermentation, from her farm in Llaylla-Satipo, Peru.  She’s the face you see looking back at you on every bag of her coffee.

Edith has been a part of Carrboro Coffee Roasters’ Farmer Direct Relationship Program for many years now, officially coming aboard in 2015.
CCR President Scott Conary first met Edith in 2013 when she volunteered to judge the Peru National Barista Championships, where Scott also acted as Head Judge. It was at this event that Edith shared her coffee with Scott, her first harvest of a natural process coffee from her farm, which she had recently inherited from her mother. This coffee was incredible – clean and sweet with notes of fresh tropical fruit. At this time just the idea of a natural process coffee in Peru was considered impossible but here was Edith with an incredible natural process coffee.
At this time she had not produced much of this coffee and had already sold what little she had but Scott continued to visit Peru each year and continued working with Edith. She continued to grow her natural process harvest and finally in 2015 had enough of her harvest to share with CCR. From there CCR and Edith continued to support each other and find ways to continue to both develop the farm and experiment with new varietals and processes. The fruits of which we are now sharing with you as our featured coffee!
We are inspired by Edith’s determination to accomplish something that everyone said was impossible as well as by her excitement and enjoyment for creating and developing. Over the years CCR has worked together with Edith and her brother Ivan to support variations and experimentation’s in farming/cultivation, increasing the varietals types and processing potential. Just one of many reasons we love serving CCR coffee!

When you purchase this coffee you are setting yourself up to enjoy a truly incredible coffee and you are directly helping to support Edith, her farm and her family.

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