Scott Conary is this year’s head judge for the Good Food Awards!

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Scott Conary, president of Carrboro Coffee Roasters, will be serving as the head judge for all coffee submissions to this year’s Good Food Awards—the only initiative to recognize craft food and beverage production that excels in both taste and sustainability. Conary will be managing dozens of judges for over 200 coffee samples over a two-day period this September just outside San Francisco, California.

Conary and his team will be judging the coffee submissions based on flavor, body, acidity, and more. All of the submissions must be certified Organic, Fair Trade, and roasted in the United States. The emphasis on fairness and transparency from seed to cup coincides perfectly with Conary and Carrboro Coffee Roaster’s mission to source the finest coffees through direct relationships at origin.

Conary is well versed with the role of head judge. As part of his current work with Cup of Excellence, Conary took on the position for the annual competition in Honduras, a competition with 300 entries results in an average of 9,000 analyzed cups, with each of the Top 10 coffees being cupped at least 120 times.

Congrats, Scott!

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