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ACLU Promotion at Open Eye and Driade

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While things are as busy as ever here locally at Carrboro Coffee, we’d like to take this time to direct your attention towards something more universal.

We pride ourselves on being a globally-conscious company, but rarely a very political one, opting to instead focus on people and communities. We would love to spend our days thinking only on sourcing high-quality coffees and the direct relationships we build with individuals and families in the process. Simply put, we would love to “stick to coffee”, knowing full well this still carries a world-wide impact.

But the place we find ourselves recently, as a country, has motivated us think more frequently beyond our normal activities – global as they already are.

Carrboro Coffee Roasters has been given the opportunity to stand with Sprudge and our fellow coffee professionals in a way that promotes equality & civil liberties for all, as we value in our country.  Therefore, we’re excited to announce that both Open Eye Cafe and Caffe Driade will be donating a percentage of profits to the ACLU from February 3-5. We invite you to support this group, who works so hard on the behalf of all Americans, and visit one of our cafes to assist in this nationwide fundraiser.

This is a great example of why we coined the phrase – Coffee unites the world!