CCR Offers Unique Taiwan Coffee for a Limited Time

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In 2021, Taiwan Coffee Laboratory, on behalf of the Council of Agriculture and Taiwan Coffee Association, enlisted the help of Alliance for Coffee Excellence to host the first ever Private Collection Auction of Taiwanese specialty coffee.

Carrboro Coffee Roasters (CCR) President Scott Conary led the judging and organization of this Auction, guiding cuppers from around the world to evaluate the best coffees that Taiwan had to offer.  CCR was also part of a buying group that was able to purchase the #4 ranked coffee in this auction, from farm Zou Zhou Yuan & farmer Fang Cheng-Lun, in the Alishan Mountain region of the Island.

This Uniquely natural processed & treasured Gesha varietal offers a wonderful ripe fruit forward experience with a syrupy dark caramel sweetness and a cherry cordial finish.

There is a limited amount of this highly prized coffee available, so be sure to get your soon! 2oz tins are available at HERE; and both tins & a pourover cup are available at Open Eye Cafe

Zou Zhou Yuan is a café, coffee farm, orchid farm, and a tea farm all in one, in Chiayi County. The coffee farm was developed over a decade ago, and Zou Zhou Yuan is now the hottest and most popular café in the Alishan Mountain region. Fang is considered a ‘rock star’ in the Taiwan coffee industry, working hard to innovate and produce stellar coffees. The varietal and environment means limited production and that his coffees are highly sought after & prized.
Taiwanese farmers have been growing coffee for more than a hundred years. Recently, with support from various groups & individuals, they have witnessed a significant increase in the cup qualities of locally grown specialty coffee. This auction will honor the incredible work of the local Taiwanese coffee farmers and share their prize coffees with the rest of the world, many for the first time.

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