CCR President Oversees Nicaragua Private Coffee Collection Auction – Los Favoritos

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The Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) and Nicaragua Producers Fincas Mierisch have announced 21 lots to be reviewed in their recent competition of this well known coffee producers’ finest offerings, called Los Favoritos.

“I am excited to lead the Cupping teams around the world to sample unique coffees from these innovative producers,” Scott Conary, the head judge of the competition and owner of North Carolina’s Carrboro Coffee Roasters, said. “I have been fortunate to experience first hand over the years the results of all the hard work the Mierisch family has put into their harvests, starting in 2012 while on a COE jury.  The cupping teams are in for some exciting flavor profiles, and will decide which coffees make it to the auction.”

The quality competition and auction program is part of ACE’s ongoing Private Collection series, which launched in 2019 and features partnerships with origin-specific green coffee producers focused on quality focused production. While these small auctions are separate from the ACE long-running Cup of Excellence competition and auctions, both have the goal of supporting farms and farmers who work to create & increase quality in the industry as well as celebrating innovation and connecting farmers to buyers.

All the winning lots will be heading to an auction taking place online on May 18th.  ACE is currently selling sample sets of the coffees for $350, and auction registrations for $25.

These coffees are lovingly cared for by the Mierisch family, Nicaraguan coffee producers since 1908; with farms perched in the beautiful mountains of Matagalpa and Jinotega. Their private auction ‘Los Favoritos’ was born in 2013 as an initiative to show the world the exquisiteness and allure of the coffees produced by them.

Characterized by cultivating different varieties and experimenting with distinct post-harvest processes, the lots are chosen from the cream of the crop of the family ‘s eight farms. “Quality is not a coincidence. Quality is hard work that is built every day. We are a generation that is passionate about coffee and our mission is always focused on continuous improvement, innovation, and sustainability“, says Eleane Mierisch, who is leading this project along with her family.

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