Cup of Excellence El Salvador Cupping

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**Update!** Political turmoil & protests in Nicaragua means the coffees are not able to leave the country. We send out thoughts and hopes for Peace to our friends there. Meanwhile, We will be evaluating the El Salvador COE Top 10 instead!


This year CCR President Scott Conary was the Head Judge for the Nicaragua Cup of Excellence program. For 3+ weeks he guided the process that took 214 initial entries from farmers all over the Country, to narrow it down to only the best 40, of the highest quality and unique character the harvest had to offer this season.

To celebrate the efforts attained by these hard working and innovative coffee producers; and to give a glimpse into what to expect when the coffees are on the live auction on June 19th; CCR is hosting a cupping of the Top 10 coffees from the auction, including a few other select coffees Scott wants to highlight from his experience guiding the National & International panels.

You can RSVP here.

Cup of Excellence is the most prestigious competition and award for high quality coffees. The level of scrutiny that Cup of Excellence coffees undergo is unmatched anywhere in the specialty coffee industry. The Cup of Excellence competition has pioneered integrity and transparency in the coffee industry, ensuring the value of winning coffees. A competition with 300 entries yields an average of 9,000 analyzed cups, with each “Top 10” coffee being cupped at least 120 times.

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