Finca Santa Felisa

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Meet one of our growers! Finca Santa Felisa was established in 1904 by Mr. Trinidad E. Cruz. The farm was developed into a Maya Kakchiquel Zone, working with the local families, some of the same families who still work on the farm!

Santa Felisa is located in a micro-climate in the Acatenango Volcano Valley. The optimum weather conditions make for a slow ripening of the bean, capturing all of the nutrients necessary to make the perfect balance of carbonic acids resulting in a good cup profile. This organic coffee is described as having a floral fragrance and tangerine notes and a clean and smooth aroma.  It has medium tropical fruit type of acidity, well integrated, with medium body. Crisp hits of apple, caramel and chocolate delight discerning palates, providing them with an extended, delicate and pleasant aftertaste.

Santa Felisa takes great care in raising their crop with high regard for the land. They avoid synthetic agrochemicals, reforest for protection of water sheds & avoid pest & disease via pruning, weeding, de-scukering & avoiding leaving remnant fruits in the field after harvesting. Composting pulp with Elsinea Foetidia (a red worm) serves as fertilizer into plantation. Socially aware as well, Santa Felisa never uses a work force of children and features both a primary education school on the farm as well as a day care center. In addition they offer training courses of Mayas Handicrafts for woman of the farm, as well the nearest towns of the farm, to foment integration of the communities and to continue the richness of the Mayan Culture.

Carrboro Coffee Roasters is proud to work with Santa Felisa. For more information & photos from the farm, please visit their website

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