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WCHL – ChapelBoro Interview with Scott Conary, Owner at Open Eye Café, Caffe Driade, and Carrboro Coffee Roasters

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WCHL – ChapelBoro Interview!

This is Tourism | March 1, 2018

Scott Conary, Owner at Open Eye Café, Caffe Driade, and Carrboro Coffee Roasters

This is Tourism: Coffee Roaster Scott

Opening talking points: WCHL –

And now it’s time for our weekly feature, This is Tourism, produced in partnership with the Orange County Visitors Bureau. This morning I’m joined by Scott Conary. He’s the owner of well known and frequented local establishments Caffe Driade, Open Eye Café, and Carrboro Coffee Roasters. His coffee is enjoyed in nearly 100 retail, restaurant and café locations from the coast to the mountains of North Carolina, and 41 of them are right here in Orange County. Scott is a hard man to pin down! He’s all over the map, consulting restaurants, meeting farmers to source the best coffee beans in the world, and judging international barista competitions. Thank you for being here with us!

CCR Introduces Amazing Specialty Instant Coffee Combining Quality with Efficiency!

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We are excited to announce that after much effort we are offering a truly unique experience combining efficiency and great taste…our own specialty instant coffee will surprise you with its quality and distinct flavor profile.

This coffee, from Producer Partner Nacho Gutierez at Finca El Barrancon in El Salvador, has delicious flavors of plum and berries, a sweet molasses syrupy mouthfeel, and a clean finish.
This coffee can be your trusted companion when hiking, long flights, camping or visits to family over the Holidays!

No need to carry around all the gear to enjoy amazing coffee on the run!

Each box contains 6 individual serving packets that can be dissolved in 8-10 oz of water, hot or cold!  Easy to use and easy to transport.

Find it on our website:, and at our Flagship Cafes Open Eye Cafe & Caffe Driade.

Triangle Area Latte Art Throwdown & Party

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We are co-hosting the monthly Triangle Latte Art Throwdown (TNT) at our newly expanded roasting facility on 6/27 from 6:30pm to ~9pm.
The expanded space is the white building in front of our co-host Caffe Driade. 1215 East Franklin Street.
At this event the Triangle Coffee Community comes together for a fun competition and additionally a party to celebrate the soft opening of the new space.

Free & open to the public!

Food Trucks, beverages, live music and more as the celebration extends to the whole ‘campus’ – including Caffe Driade and their outdoor stage.

See the FB event page & Poster of the event for more info.  Triangle TNT FB Event Page – June
Party starts at 6:30pm, Throwdown at 7:30pm.

Green Bean Totes

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Carrboro Coffee Roasters’ Green Bean Totes are local, NC handmade totes crafted from the green coffee bean bags we receive from our farmers at origin. Each is one of a kind and features the artwork of our farmer partners. We’re all about re-using these cool coffee bags and making them into an awesome, lined tote. They are the perfect size for shopping, picking up groceries, and all your other carrying needs!

The perfect gift this holiday season, buy it here


Join Us at the NC Botanical Garden

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Join us on Saturday, October 28th at the North Carolina Botanical Garden for Coffee Unites the World: How Your Morning Cup of Coffee Affects Birds, Economics, and the land.

We’ll follow two experts as they discuss how farming and processing affect wildlife, the environment, and the communities involved; as well as enjoy a tasting of Carrboro Coffee Roasters Direct Relationship coffees!

Click here for tickets.

Carrboro Coffee Roasters Announces NITRObrew Coffee

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This past weekend, Carrboro Coffee Roasters installed a keg and tap into Open Eye Cafe to serve both their cold-brew & the first NITRObrew coffee in Carrboro, available to the public Tuesday, September 5th.

‘NITRO brew’ or Nitrogen infused coffee is cold-brewed and stored in a pressurized keg. The coffee infused with Nitrogen as it is poured from the tap, a bit like draft beer. The Nitro coffee brew process is comparable to stouts and porters that also may use Nitrogen, which produces a creamy body and cascading effect.

Carrboro Coffee’s NITRObrew coffee is silky smooth and creamy, with a velvety finish that enhances the character of the specific coffee used. It is traditionally served with no additives to appreciate the unique texture and flavors, and in smaller volumes as it is a concentrated beverage.

“After many months of effort, we are particularly excited to introduce our NITRObrew, a truly unique nitrogen and coffee combo working together to bring you smoother, silkier coffee with a luscious creaminess,” says Carrboro Coffee Roasters owner Scott Conary. “The distinct flavor of each coffee from our Farmer Direct Relationships is pronounced, and there is a much more complex aroma and flavor gained through the micro-bubbles in each sip. The nitrogen and the live pour ensures the sweetest and smoothest nitro coffee you have ever tasted. We guarantee you have never had Nitro coffee this sweet and unique before.”

Carrboro Coffee’s NITRObrew is currently available at Open Eye Cafe Monday-Thursday 7am-11pm, Friday & Saturday 7am- Midnight and Sunday 8am-11pm at 101 S. Greensboro Street in Downtown Carrboro. The roaster plans to offer NITRObrew in additional cafes in the coming year.

Join us for Cupping at the Roastery

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Carrboro Coffee Roasters will be hosting a cupping of selected 2017 Honduras Cup of Excellence winners on Friday, June 9, 2017 from 11pm to 2pm at our Training Room at the Roastery!

Coffee professionals, roasters, buyers, & the interested public are all invited to join us in Carrboro and cup the coffees that were chosen by the International Jury at the recent COE competition in Honduras. By focusing on a select group of winners, we will allow time for analysis of the coffees and discussion, while highlighting the diversity of profiles in Honduras.

Space will be limited, so please send an email to to RSVP ASAP to reserve a spot. Please email, as we want to plan for the right number of participants!

If you cannot participate in the cupping this week, we will be also cupping the Costa Rica COE samples on June 23rd.

Look forward to seeing you.

Finca Santa Felisa

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Meet one of our growers! Finca Santa Felisa was established in 1904 by Mr. Trinidad E. Cruz. The farm was developed into a Maya Kakchiquel Zone, working with the local families, some of the same families who still work on the farm!

Santa Felisa is located in a micro-climate in the Acatenango Volcano Valley. The optimum weather conditions make for a slow ripening of the bean, capturing all of the nutrients necessary to make the perfect balance of carbonic acids resulting in a good cup profile. This organic coffee is described as having a floral fragrance and tangerine notes and a clean and smooth aroma.  It has medium tropical fruit type of acidity, well integrated, with medium body. Crisp hits of apple, caramel and chocolate delight discerning palates, providing them with an extended, delicate and pleasant aftertaste.

Santa Felisa takes great care in raising their crop with high regard for the land. They avoid synthetic agrochemicals, reforest for protection of water sheds & avoid pest & disease via pruning, weeding, de-scukering & avoiding leaving remnant fruits in the field after harvesting. Composting pulp with Elsinea Foetidia (a red worm) serves as fertilizer into plantation. Socially aware as well, Santa Felisa never uses a work force of children and features both a primary education school on the farm as well as a day care center. In addition they offer training courses of Mayas Handicrafts for woman of the farm, as well the nearest towns of the farm, to foment integration of the communities and to continue the richness of the Mayan Culture.

Carrboro Coffee Roasters is proud to work with Santa Felisa. For more information & photos from the farm, please visit their website