New Additions to CCR ‘Quick Coffee’ – Specialty Instant Coffee Program!

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We are excited to add to our revelatory breakthrough in Specialty instant coffee!.

 Carrboro Coffee has spent the last 17 years building & developing truly sustainable relationships with coffee producers around the world, all while honoring the hard work & quality created by their farmer partners by carefully roasting each coffee with care to bring out the unique quality & personality of each coffee.

In 2019 CCR rolled out a special freeze-dry method that allowed us to offer some of these unique coffees in a stunningly delicious specialty instant coffee that finally combines ease-of-use with high quality.

We launched this new direction of combining efficiency & quality with a Farmer Direct Relationship coffee from Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Gutierrez, whose Finca El Barrancon is in the La Palma region of El Salvador.

We have many examples of our hard-earned Farmer Direct Relationship coffees, says Carrboro Coffee owner Scott Conary, “and of the coffees we experimented on with this process, Nacho’s coffee really stood out in blind tastings, with a consistent sweet flavor profile that lends itself well to the process & is a great jumping off point”.

Now, CCR is excited to add 2 more amazing quality ‘Quick Coffee’s’ to the lineup that feature unique flavor profiles; such as the offering from Producer Saul Melara from Ocotopeque, Honduras that has sweet citrus and caramel, and also a special Decaffeinated coffee from Colombia, so that you can still have that coffee at night, easily made by just adding hot water!

There are so many potential situations where a quality instant makes so much sense”, states Conary; “ from camping & hiking to travel, or for anyone who doesn’t have brewing equipment at hand, this is a versatile and delicious way to enjoy your coffee no matter where you find yourself, and since it is instant you can dissolve it in any liquid at any temp! Pair it with one of our CCR Klean Kanteen Travel mugs for the perfect gift combo”.

This coffee will surprise you, and make you reconsider your assumptions of what instant coffee can & should be.

The CCR Farmer Direct Relationship coffee program fosters personal relationships between coffee growers and Carrboro Coffee Roasters. Through frequent visits, the people, farm and farming practices  & community are personally known and can be fully supported year after year. This Direct Relationship program removes the middle-man and ensures coffee farmers are fairly compensated for all their hard work.

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About Carrboro Coffee Roasters
Carrboro Coffee Roasters is a premier small batch artisan roaster that has drawn international attention. Their success lies in an unwavering commitment to sourcing the finest coffee through direct relationship at origin, expertly roasting these beans, and delivering a premium product to wholesale accounts and coffee lovers throughout North Carolina and beyond. Carrboro Coffee is equally dedicated to coffee education and training to ensure the best cup is brewed, and serves their award-winning coffee at two flagship stores, Open Eye Café in Carrboro and Caffé Driade in Chapel Hill, as well as many fine cafes, restaurants, and retailers throughout the country. For more information, visit


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