Unique Limited Offering of Finca Nuguo, Natural Processed Gesha Varietal from Panama – while supplies last!

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This natural processed Gesha from our friend Jose ‘Pocho’ Gallardo and his family’s farm in Panama, Finca Nuguo, is a rare jewel of a coffee.

It is literally rare, as there is so little harvested and available to share, as well as being a rare experience in coffee profiles. The delightful sparkling mouthfeel coupled with the amazingly complex ripe & juicy fruits it shares is truly unique.

Jose was kind enough to share 3 kilograms of this gem of a coffee, so it won’t be around for long…be sure to get yours quick! Order online HERE

For the last several years Jose has painstakingly produced these small volume gems that have received much acclaim! This year a similar coffee from his farm in the Renacimiento region of Panama was sold for over $2,500 per pound for green, unroasted coffee! This broke records, even for Panama coffees, which are already some of the most prized & costly coffees in the world.

I have been fortunate to work with Jose for a couple of years as he volunteered to judge the Panama Barista & Brewers Cup National Competitions in Panama City, and it was there he first shared his small lot of coffee with me. I was astounded at its quality & uniqueness – and the world was soon to make the same discovery as myself when he scored so highly in the Best of Panama competition the following years.

Panama has become known for world class Gesha varietals, but even among these, this coffee stands out!

The Jurutungo region where Finca Nuguo is nestled in nature, is the largest natural rain forest reserve in Central America – La Amistad International Park. This location’s environment¬† can be challenging for coffee plants , with its low temperatures at night and high winds and humidity, as well as intense rainfalls. Extreme care must be taken to maintain quality in the face of these obstacles.

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