CCR in Brasil for International Coffee Week

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Scott Conary, Green Coffee Buyer for Carrboro Coffee Roasters, is in Minas Gerais, Brasil for International Coffee Week. Minas Gerais is the largest coffee producing state in Brasil (25% of coffee consumed worldwide) and is hosting the event at the Expominas Convention Center in Belo Horizonte from September 9-12. The event will house the 50th Anniversary Reunion of the International Coffee Organization (ICO), as well as Espaço Café Brasil, which is the largest coffee event in Latin America. Scott will be attending conferences, barista competitions, lectures, workshops and seminars throughout the week.

As a green coffee buyer, Scott will also connect with farmers to develop the micro-lot focus in the country in order to obtain the best quality coffees. As a WCE Head Judge and Instructor, Scott will be there to work with Q Instructor and WCE National Bodies Coordinator Roukiat Delrue, as well as 2012 WBC Champion Raul Rodas from Guatemala, to coordinate and oversee the Brasil National Barista & Brewers Cup Competitions.

The ICO’s member countries are responsible for 97% of the global production, and for more than 80% of coffee consumption. Ambassadors, ministers, agriculture secretaries, and association representatives from different countries will discuss emerging market trends, improvement of coffee quality, relevant technology for the industry, and financial instruments in order to improve planting and working conditions, among other subjects.

As Latin America’s largest coffee trade fair, Espaço Café Brasil will attract more than 6500 visitors to see more than 100 exhibiting companies presenting new product launches and market trends.We are excited to hear about Scott’s adventures in Brasil and will share the stories with you when he gets back.

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